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Bizarre Rituals are a party crew of artists, musicians and DJs, living and operating mainly in Devon. We’re ten years behind and we’re ten years down the line but we don’t mind as we’re out on our own arm of the spiral galaxy. Together we throw parties, make records, soundtrack films, DJ, VJ and all that other stuff that people do when there is sufficient peer pressure and they can’t afford to go on holiday. We all were – are – or will be in each other’s bands. We’ve recorded a heap of radio shows on the Devon based arts and community radio station, Soundart Radio, who transmit out of an oak tree and we can be heard on other people’s radio shows. We’ve created a bunch of tracks, EPs, albums, mixtapes, original film soundtracks and a DJ tools EP, delivered to people’s ears and eyes via cassette tapes, records, computer files and even performing live directly at people in the same room, and we’re all sitting on almost-complete albums. All of our parties have more-or-less obscure themes that express our current concerns about geopolitics and philosophy or whatever type of hats we’re into! We’re all DJs. We don’t stick to genres but we do like dancing. A number of the crew have mastered the hat wobble.


Bizarre Rituals - Deep & Crisp & Even 4

DEEP & CRISP & EVEN 4 – Barrel House Ballroom, Totnes – 23rd December 2023 – 8pm-1am

In ye olde parish of Totnes, on the eve of Christmas eve, the most revered guild of errant DJs dost choose to meet. Be they ranters or ravers, what will issue forth may prove to be a spectacle of epic renown. “Deep and Crisp and Even 4,” the grandest of medieval-themed raves which shall transcend time itself, where revellers from every shire shalt gather to carouse in mirthful merriment.

The legendary Bizarre Rituals Crew will return to the Barrel House for the first time since the year of 2018 CE. Where they have journeyed, no one knows, but they bringeth musical discoveries of merry dance and jubilation upon their homeward return to the hallow’d Ballroom dancefloor.

The party shall commence at the tolling of 8 bells and not cease until an hour has passed midnight.

Limited 1st release: £6
Limited 2nd release: £8
Final release: £10
Upon thine door: £12

GET TICKETS HERE: barrelhousetotnes.co.uk


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