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BR Crew - NOV 2016

BR Crew

Brain Rays

One half of Baconhead // Creator of fugged-out beats and warm tones // Pathological optimist

Music For Abandoned Beach Parties, available on limited edition cassette and digital download.
Stank EP (with Stoogie Houzer).
Enter the Fug EP (with Stoogie Houzer).

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/brainrays
Twitter: @brainraysmusic


Cape Khoboi

Trouble Maker // Good bits of Paul McCartney // Melty guitars

Cape Khoboi is a BR Resident who Jockeys them Discs under the moniker Tung N Groove. He has a good line in smashing out feel-good Disco bangers and people often ask for his card. He’s a dab hand with a soundsystem and decent in the kitchen. He’s working on an album of far flung weird Country music that’s slowly mutating into some kind of dancefloor thing.

Cape Khoboi is featured on the ‘Beach Trips’ and ‘Outer Limits‘ sampler EPs.

Website: www.capekhoboi.com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/capekhoboi
Twitter: @capekhoboi

Tofuti Klein/The Ghost of Marimba

Technomantic // Medicine Woman // Vile Critic

BR resident Doc, AKA Tofuti Klein, sometimes makes ‘romantic techno’. The Wire magazine said really nice things about it that she’s too embarrassed to repeat. Her ‘The Ghost of Marimba’ project is all about high-concept lo-fi tropical midi pop songs which are mainly about being old and are permanently being mixed and never quite ready. One time member of now-defunct doom metal band Bog Eye with Brain Rays and French Tony.

Dragon’s Disco/Echo’s Calling EP.
Spooky Ballroom, on the Ritual Tools v1 Comp.
The Ghost of Marimba track TGOM (dub) features on the ‘Beach Trips’ sampler EP.
TGOM – Underwater Vibes on the Outer Limits sampler EP.

The Ransom Note, Bizarre Rituals Drop Two Tracks of Woozy Romantic Techno.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tofuti_klein
Twitter: @TofutiKlien

Stoogie Houzer/Blazar

Part time B-Boy // Weasel // Fnare

Currently third in the competition to have the most aliases – Blazar, AKA Matthias Peters, AKA Stoogie Houzer, AKA Autobodies, is a designer and animator by trade and makes our amazing animated video flyers. Best not overlook his production chops and DJing skills too. Stoogie makes some seriously cool (is it still cool to say ‘cool’) experimental & low-slung rhythms.

In November 2015, Stoogie collaborated with Brain Rays on the Enter the Fug Mixtape.
Brain Rays’ and Stoogie Houzer’s second release as ‘The Fug’ is the Stank EP.
You can here an ‘Enter the Fug’ live session from the BR Radio Show here.
Distant Peaks (2 Moon Dub) (feat. Theo) on the Outer Limits sampler EP.

Website: cargocollective.com/blazar-folio
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/stoogiehouzer
Twitter: @S2GHZR

French Tony

Drummer // Afro funk obsessive

BR resident DJ and co-host of the Bizarre Rituals Radio Show, Toby French (AKA French Tony, AKA Frenchman, AKA French Meng, AKA Mengz!) specialises in dance floor shaking Afro funk and disco, plus new cuts of Afro-infused house and techno. His elusive past is hard to keep track of, but if the rumours are correct he used to play saxophone in a Marxist funk band, was a Samba Bateria Mestre, produced breakcore music dressed as a priest and was fired from an all-girl industrial/goth band (sic).

Tofuti Klein – Echo’s Calling (French Tony Rework) on Dragon’s Disco Remixes

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/heyfrenchtony

BR Artists & Resident DJs


Brain Rays // Hthr // Sound Waves to Confuse Your Brain

Baconhead are Brain Rays and Hthr (AKA Benjamin Hudson and Paul Bowyer). They make music and sound for films, games, soundsystems and headphones..
Their 2015 EP ‘Cabin Fever’, a “woozy, heat-warped release influenced by hypnotic experiments and Ballard’s Drowned World”, was released by Bizarre Rituals and features the vocal talents of US rappers Empuls, Nongenetic (Shadowhuntaz) and Bloodmouth (Dead Birdz).
They have also released records with Eat Concrete, Acroplane Recordings and Umbrelladelika and have remixed for Jimmy Edgar, Flux Pavillion & RiFF RAFF, Si Begg, Comet Records, Planet Mu and Tigerbeat 6.

Cabin Fever EP

Website: www.baconhead.co.uk
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/baconhead
Facebook: facebook.com/baconheadproductions
Twitter: @Baconheadmusic


It’s pronounced ‘Sluh-meer’. The rest is a really juicy secret… or is it..?

Slhhmyr’s first single release is out now on Bizarre Rituals and available to buy as a download.
Slhhmyr is also featured on the ‘Outer Limits‘ and ‘Beach Trips’ samplers.

Hearing Aid Beige

Hearing Aid Beige (formerly known as Livework Unit), the joint project of Simon Hampshire and Tommy Williams, ranges from Brian Wilson-esque confessionals to riff heavy noise rock. With guest appearances including Cape Khoboi and Benjamin Hudson, their project has been infiltrated by the BR crew and they can now be put to work as elite assassins.

The single ‘Shadows’, plus the ‘B’ side track ‘Aeroplanes’, is available to buy as a download here.

Their EP ‘Out to Sea’, featuring artwork from Cassie Brooks and music videos by friend & collaborator Luca Lamaro is due for release Spring 2018.

Website: www.hearingaidbeige.com

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hearingaidbeige

Facebook: facebook.com/hearingaidbeige

Livework Unit - bio pic - square


Human Record Database // Inventor of Chow mein Calzone // Non-stop steez

Karis Baker AKA DJ Karismatic, AKA Yamaham – wayward producer and resident DJ with Bizarre Rituals.

His track ‘B UR Friend’ features on the Beach Trips sampler EP.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/soundartkaris


DJ // Producer // Tattoo artist

ursula is a BR resident DJ whose artful sets and mixes explore the spooky-Cloud-Rap-Burial-zone to great effect. Her production makes use of discordant samples to create an unsettling musical vocabulary, heavy with symbolism.

ursula’s track, Lago, features on the Outer Limits sampler EP.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ursula_la
Twitter: @ursxula_


Tommy Williams/Panther Room

Ableton guru // Expert knob twiddler  // Beard model

Tommy is a live sound engineer who isn’t here much because he tours doing live sound with some quite famous people like Bonobo, RY X, Howling, The Acid, Taylor McFerrin and Jagaara. When he is here he does a lot of tireless tech support for the clueless and vague.

He produces/performs as part of Hearing Aid Beige and is busily working on his new solo alias Panther Room.

Panther Room – Not By Each on the Outer Limits sampler EP.

Twitter: @tommymwilliams

BR Collaborators

Dom Moore

Weddings // Parties // Bar mitzvahs

Desperately likeable, award winning photographer and party man Dom Moore has documented almost all of the BR escapades in an endless Gonzo Mark II fun safari. His inexplicable ability to flatteringly light those who should remain unseen means that we will be forever in his debt.

Website: www.dommoore.co.uk

Tim Rowden

Tim ‘Skipper’ Rowden is our resident chippy and has built us some fine novelty DJ booths from quality materials. He is working on an album of experimental organ works that will see a release in 2027 if he finds out about it in time.

Tim says; “I’m a carpenter. There’s a couple of weeks work there, that’s if I order the parts now, which I won’t”

Jonny R. Rowden

Jonny is not only an excellent dancer, but also writes words for us on occasion. Some time ago he ran away to Alice Springs with an extremely cool woman to fight snakes. When he was in England he was a performer and theatre maker and directed a theatre company called AMINAL but he probably can’t do that anymore because of the snakes.

He looks at the world through a keen and silly eye and regurgitates it largely using performance, words and photography.

Chris Mayoh

Chris designed the original Bizarre Rituals logo and often delivers on most excellent party getup. In his un-free time is he is co-founder of mobile app creators Mutant Labs and a freelance designer, he’s collaborated with Baconhead on a raft of variously absurd mobile game projects including ‘Yak Dash’ – which offers you the chance to design and ride tiny yaks with your fingers – and ‘Shovin’ Buddies’ where you go over the top on the swing and get turned inside out. He has an identical twin brother and so gets maximum score for potential pranking abilities.

Website: www.mutantlabs.com