Brain Rays In Conversation With Mark Edwards For Hyponik

Mark Edwards interviewed Brain Rays for this Hyponik feature.. Amongst other things, they talk about “beats, interdimensional portals, and substituting hypnosis for psychedelic drugs in the studio..” 2 amazing remixes from Rommek and Suso Flores available for free download also! Photos by Dom Moore CLICK HERE… Read More

BR Feature in February 2016 Issue of Wire Magazine

We’re pretty pumped to see a two page feature about us in this month’s Wire magazine (Feb 2016, issue #384). CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND A LINK TO BUY THE MAG…

Baconhead Featured In Wire Magazine #378

Baconhead feature in the August 2015 edition of the Wire Magazine (#378). Plus their track ‘Foreign or Domestic’, with LA rapper Nongenetic (Shadowhuntaz), appears on The Wire Tapper CD #38, free with the magazine. The track is taken from… Read More