Satan’s Bite – A Straight 8 film by Dean Puckett – Soundtracked by Bizarre Rituals

Film maker extraordinaire, good friend and long time collaborator Dean Puckett, has taken time out from flipping the bird at us from the dance floor to share his amazing Straight 8 film ‘Satan’s Bite’ via Vimeo.

The film was made for Straight 8’s 2018 competition on one cartridge of super 8mm film with only in-camera edits and no post-production. It premiered on May 14th 2018 at Straight 8’s Cannes Film Festival screening.

The amazing soundtrack comes from Bizarre Rituals crew members Benjamin Hudson & Jimi Stewart.

As a Bizarre Rituals bonus feature, look out for cameos from Brain Rays and Stoogie Houzer in the film itself too.